"Spread Happiness" birthday party

On Friday, November 19th, you're welcome to join a small birthday party in Leuven. If you want to eat together, you're welcome in the student restaurant Alma 1 (Tiensestraat 115) from 19:00 onwards. At 20:30, we'll move to the nearby "Inloophuis" in Blijde Inkomststraat 113 for a drink and a chat (I'll provide the drinks).

Research shows that "giving", "doing acts of kindness" and "volunteering" makes you happier. So if you insist on giving me a present, I kindly ask you to donate a little time or money to somebody who really needs it more than I do. If you donate some time, it would be great if you use one of your personal strengths in the process. If you donate a little money, please donate it to a cause that's close to your heart. If you really can't find anything personal, you may consider the non-profit organization http://www.anbn.be/ that is willing to let me use their office space for my party.

My research shows that simplicity may be key to human happiness.
So if you make a small time or money donation, please keep it simple! The only thing I ask is that you post your act of kindness on http://gelukkige.blogspot.com/ (the Dutch version of this blog page - feel free to use your own language). Looking forward to see you, empty-handed (that also makes for an easier hug :-) but with a happy story to tell!