December 2009

21.11 Study Day Vlaamse Vereniging voor Cliëntgericht-Experiëntiële Psychotherapie
04.12 Study Day Vlaamse Vereniging voor Gedragstherapie
09.12 Launch Event e-mental health tool "Kleur Je Leven"
10.12 Netherlands (Kick-Off-Meeting Work Conference Positive Psychology)
11.12 Give Positive Psychology presentation on 30 Years Belgian Federation of Psychologists event ( Beurs 30 jaar Belgische Federatie van Psychologen ).
22.12-26.12 Nagoya (Japan)

Positive Psychology in Belgium

Until about ten years ago, the science of psychology was having a strong bias towards negative emotions and psychopathology. When Martin Seligman became president of the influential American Psychological Association (APA) in 1998, he put Positive Psychology high on the agenda. Positive Psychology is the science that researches what makes people and organizations thrive.

Nowadays, the science of Positive Psychology is gradually seeping through into Belgium, this small but sometimes influential country in the heart of Europe. Some initiatives, large and small, include (extra suggestions are welcome) :

- On December 11th, 2009, the Belgische Federatie van Psychologen / Fédération Belge des Psychologues organizes a study day around Positive Psychology.

- May 13-16, 2010, the 4th international SDT conference will take place in Ghent. The Self-Determination Theory (SDT) is starting to thrive and really feel well at home under the umbrella of Positive Psychology.

- In some places in Belgium, education and research is being done around Positive Psychology. See the many posts on this very same quadrilingual blog .

- The internet also hosts groups about Positive Psychology in Belgium, both on Facebook and on LinkedIn : "Belgische Positieve Psychologie Positive Belge" .

- Belgium has been represented for several years already in the European Network for Positive Psychology .

5th European Conference on Positive Psychology

Registration is now open for the 5th European Positive Psychology Conference, as it is organized every 2 years by the European Network for Positive Psychology.

Guest Lecture on Positive Psychology

Guest lecture on Positive Psychology by Hein Zegers for the social worker students of K.H.Leuven on November 12th, 2009.

November 2009

31.10-02.11 Almaty (Kazakhstan)
12.11 Give guest lecture at KHLeuven: Positive Psychology
17.11-19.11 Caracas (Venezuela)
24.11-26.11 Tel Aviv (Israel)

Round table with psychiatrists about happiness

(event in Dutch)

Rond de tafel met prof.dr. Antoon Vandevelde. Geluk: wat bedoelen de wetenschappers en filosofen ermee:
Donderdag 29 oktober 2009 van 20u00 tot 22u00 Organisator: Dienst Postacademische Vorming - KULAK

October 2009

Start Academic Year:
- Client-Centered Therapy (K.U.Leuven University)
- Behavioral Therapy (K.U.Leuven University)
- Relation- and Family Therapy (K.U.Leuven University)
- Introduction to human diseases (K.U.Leuven University)
- Existential Psychotherapy reading group
- Foundations of Positive Psychology (Upenn)

31.10-02.11 Almaty (Kazakhstan)

August 2009

12.08-16.08 Addis Abeba (Ethiopia) with a shuttle flight to Sanaa (Yemen) on the 14th
21.08-23.08 Philadelphia
25.08-27.08 Atlanta

July 2009

11.07-14.07 Düsseldorf - Chicago
20.07-22.07 Dallas

Our poster at the 1st World Congress on Positive Psychology

Click to enlarge.

First World Congress on Positive Psychology

Message from Martin Seligman, the father of Positive Psychology (published with permission).

Dear Friends,

I am writing you with a special invitation to an historic event. In the past year, the newly-formed International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA) has gone from zero members to over 4,000 members in 80 countries. With this overwhelming response, IPPA is now planning the First World Congress on Positive Psychology. This Congress will convene the field’s leading researchers and practitioners from around the world in what will be the largest positive psychology gathering ever held. It will take place June 18-21, 2009 in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania , USA .

Phil Zimbardo and I will be presenting a special program on the first evening of the Congress. Ed Diener and Lord Richard Layard will be giving keynotes later in the week. Other invited speakers include Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Barbara Fredrickson, Antonella Delle Fave, David Cooperrider, Carmelo Vázquez, Ruut Veenhoven, Anthony Grant, Yong-Lin Moon, and many others. We will also have international symposia on vital topics in positive psychology, workshops of best practices in the field, and hundreds of posters from researchers, practitioners, and students from every continent.

The only thing missing is you. For more information on the Congress and how you can get registered, please visit, and click on the “World Congress” tab. I look forward to seeing you in Philadelphia in June.

Respectfully yours,

Martin E.P. Seligman

June 2009

11.06-14.06 Nagoya (Japan)
18.06-21.06 Poster presentation @ First World Congress on Positive Psychology (Philadelphia)
24.06-26.06 Muscat (Oman)
29.06 Emergency training Boeing 747 (Frankfurt)

May 2009

Internship at ISW Limits (researching happiness@work) +
08.05-10.05 Seoul
14.05 Give guest lecture on positive psychology (K.H.Leuven)
21.05-24.05 Düsseldorf-Chicago

"Happiness Day" in Leuven

Dag van het Geluk 2009

18 april 2009, Faculty Club, Leuven

A day on the topic of happiness (in Dutch).
More info here

April 2009

Internship at ISW Limits (about well-being) +
04.04-06.04 Tokyo
11.04-13.04 Muscat (Oman)
18.04 Happiness Day (Leuven)
27.04 Crew Resource Management Course (Frankfurt)

March 2009

Internship at ISW Limits (about well-being) +
12.03 First Aid training (in Frankfurt)
13.03-15.03 Houston
21.03-23.03 Chicago

Psychology Today on Happiness

This month in Psychology Today: a special issue about happiness and positive psychology. Not as elaborate or influential as, say, the Time Magazine special issue on happiness of february 7th, 2005, but commendable nevertheless.

February 2009

Psychology internship at ISW Limits (about well-being) +
03.02 Emergency training Airbus 340
07.02-09.02 Chicago
09.02 Antoon Vandevelde: the economy of happiness
21.02-23.02 Chicago

January 2009

Psychology internship at ISW Limits (about well-being) +
02.01 -05.01 New York
08.01 -12.01 Chennai (India)
15.01 Knowledge day applications of positive psychology (Amsterdam)

Positive psychology in higher education

On 18.12.2008, the first year social worker students of the Sociale Hogeschool KHLeuven received a guest lecture about positive psychology (by Hein Zegers). This was made possible by their psychology teacher Els verheyen.

On 3.11., Prof. Ilse Van Diest gave a lecture on positive psychology as a part of the course "Health Psychology part 2" at K.U.Leuven university.

At the Ghent university, Prof. Maarten Vansteenkiste is an expert on Self-Determination Theory, which is gradually being adopted by positive psychology as well.

More than 200 universities worldwide are already offering entire courses in positive psychology to their students.

French Nouvel Obs special issue on happiness

Le nouvel Observateur, arguably the most prestigious French magazine (with more than 500.000 subscriptions), has published a special issue on happiness. Next to philosophical ponderings, the magazine also offers 16 pages on empirical sciences and positive psychology.

This is a groundbreaking event for a country like France, where positive psychology is still very much in its infancy.

Science café on happiness

Dutch-spoken event.

December 16th, 19.45, Wetenschapscafé Gent, onderwerp: gelukkig zijn.
Thanks to Inge for the tip.

December 2008

Well-being research internship at ISW Limits +
01.12 -03.12 Procesbegeleiding & Gesprekstechnieken (K.U.Leuven)
02.12 Give presentation about "measuring and increasing happiness through positive psychology" (ISW Limits)
13.12-15.12 Chicago
18.12 Give guest lecture about positive psychology (Sociale Hogeschool Leuven)
25.12-28.12 Chennai (India)

First Dutch Symposium on Positive Psychology

On the 5th of november, close to Leiden (Holland), the first Dutch Symposium on positive psychology took place, with:

  • Bjorn Grinde : Darwinian Happiness - An evolutionary approach to quality of life
  • Ruut Veenhoven : The Happy life and the Meaningful life
  • Dick Swaab : Happiness and the brain
  • Onno Hamburger & Hein Zegers : Happiness Interventions @ Work
Slides of the presentatations above can be consulted here.

Organisation: Arjan Haring.

November 2008

Research internship on well-being at ISW Limits +
05/11 Presentation at the first Dutch symposium for positive psychology,

08/11-10/11 Tokyo
22/11-24/11 New York

Workshop happiness and politics

Dutch-spoken event.

Speakers: Valérie De Prycker, Prof. Dr. Ruut Veenhoven, Laura Capitaine, Prof. Dr. Jan Bernheim, Prof. Dr. Antoon Vandevelde, Jan Ott, Prof. Dr. Francis Heylighen, Paul Iliano, Prof. Dr. Erik Schokkaert.

14 November 2008, 9:00-17:15

Location: Het Pand, Gent.

Positive Psychology

There are many sciences dealing with the topic of happiness: Philosophy, Sociology, Economy, History, Medicine, etc… Strangely enough, psychology research had been largely ignoring this topic until the end of the last century (apart from humanistic psychology, which was more focused on practice instead of research). A Google Scholar search on “depression” still yields more than 5 times more hits than a similar search on “happiness”.

That is why in 1998, then American Psychological Association president Martin Seligman started promoting the term “Positive Psychology”. This “new” branch of psychology should tip the balance and give more room for research on positive emotions, strengths and thriving, both in individuals and communities/organizations.

Meanwhile, research has been growing rapidly. The International Positive Psychology Association is one of the fastest growing research networks worldwide. Publications and journals are booming, and an encyclopaedia of positive psychology is in the making. Universities all over the world have been appointing positive psychology research & teaching positions. In 2006, “Positive Psychology” became the most popular course at Harvard university.

The site lists some major positive psychology research outcomes. The focus is on experimental research on happiness-increasing interventions, since this seems to be what most people are interested in. This type of research gives answers to the question “What should I do to become happier?”


Oktober 2008

research internship on well-being at ISW Limits +
18/10-20/10 Chicago
25/10-27/10 New York

September 2008

01/09-06/09 Home
06/09-09/09 Chicago
10/09-14/09 Home (met 12/09 Happiness@Work meeting in Nederland)
14/09-17/09 New York
18/09-30/09 Home (met 23/09 start van Welzijns-research & -diagnostics stage bij )

Augustus 2008

01/08-05/08 Home
06/08-09/08 Sanaa (Yemen)
10/08-13/08 Home
14/08 Frankfurt (Test Spanisch)
14/08-17/08 Osaka
18/08-31/08 Home

Juli 2008

01/07-04/07 European Positive Psychology Conference (Croatia)
06/07-07/07 Home
07/07-08/07 Frankfurt (Emergency Training Boeing 747)
09/07-11/07 Home
11/07-14/07 Tokyo
15/07-23/07 Home
23/07-26/07 New York
27/07-31/07 Home

Juni 2008

01/06-04/06 Nagoya (Japan)

05/06-17/06 Home, with exams:
09/06 Psychological Processes in Psychopathology
12/06 Statistics, part V
17/06 (Cognitive) Behavioural Therapy

18/06-21/06 Sanaa (Yemen)

22/06-30/06 Home, with exam:
28/06 Social Psychology: Social Cognition

Mei 2008

01/05 Home
02/05-04/05 Tokyo
05/05-25/05 Home
26/05-29/05 Sanaa (Yemen)
30/05-31/05 Home

April 2008

01/04-03/04 Home
03/04-06/04 Accra (Ghana)
07/04-10/04 Home
11/04-13/04 Tokyo
14/04-27/04 Home
28/04 Frankfurt (Emergency training: Crew Resource Management)
29/04-30/04 Home

Maart 2008

01/03-06/03 Home
07/03-09/03 Tokyo
10/03-13/03 Home
13/03-14/03 Frankfurt (First Aid Training+Music Fair)
15/03-25/03 Home
26/03-29/03 Sanaa (Yemen)
30/03-31/03 Home

Februari 2008

01/02-05/02 Home
06/02-08/02 Frankfurt (Training Airbus340)
08/02-10/02 Tokyo
11/02-29/02 Home

Januari 2008

01/01-26/01 Home
11/01 Health Psychology: Biopsychological Interactions
17/01 Statistics IV
26/01 Psychological Treatments Overview

27/01-29/01 Tokyo
30/01-31/01 Home


December 2007

01/12-04/12 Home
05/12 Frankfurt-München-Frankfurt
06/12 Frankfurt
07/12-09/12 Tokyo
10/12-20/12 Home
21/12-23/12 Standby
24/12-27/12 Hyderabad
28/12-31/12 Home

November 2007

01/11-03/11 Tokyo
04/11-16/11 Home
17/11-20/11 Asmara (Eritrea)
21/11-30/11 Home

Oktober 2007

01/10 Home
02/10-07/10 Global Well-Being Conference Washington
08/10-25/10 Home
26/10-28/10 Denver
29/10-31/10 Home

September 2007

01/09-03/09 Bahrain, with shuttle flight to Abu Dhabi
04/09-17/09 Home
18/09-20/09 Tokyo
21/09-30/09 Home: begin academisch jaar

Augustus 2007

01/08-03/08 Tokyo
04/08-07/08 Home
07/08-12/08 Asmara (Eritrea), with a shuttle flight to Jeddah (Saudi-Arabia).
13/08-31/08 Home
on 17/08 Play music on a wedding
on 27/08 Exam Cross-Cultural Psychology

Juli 2007

01/07-04/07 Tokyo (+get U.S. Visa in Frankfurt)
05/07-14/07 Home
15/07-18/07 Bahrein (+stopover in United Arab Emirates)
19/07-31/07 Home

Juni 2007

01/06-05/06 Home
06/06 Frankfurt: training Boeing 747
07/06-09/06 Home
10/06-12/06 Newark
13/06-17/06 Home
18/06-21/06 Los Angeles
22/06-30/06 Home

Mei 2007

01/05-04/05 Home
05/05-07/05 Tokyo
08/05-18/05 Home
19/05-21/05 Washington
22/05-31/05 Home

April 2007

01/04-06/04 Home
06/04-09/04 New York
10/04-22/04 Home
22/04-24/04 Frankfurt (Emergency & Crew Resource Management & Security Training; Test French)
24/04-27/04 Home
28/04-30/04 Tokyo

Maart 2007

01/03 Home
02/03-04/03 Tokyo
05/03-16/03 Home
17/03-19/03 Chicago
20/03-29/03 Home
29/03-30/03 Frankfurt (Airbus 340 + First Aid Training)

Februari 2007

01/02-22/02 Home
23/02-25/02 Tokyo
26/02-01/03 Home

Januari 2007

01/01-06/01 Home
06/01-08/01 Chicago
09/01-31/01 Home, with the following exams:

18/01 Erfelijkheidsleer
20/01 Gezondheidspsychologie
24/01 Counseling/Basisvaardigheden
31/01 Klinische Psychodiagnostiek


December 2006

28/11-14/12 Home
15/12-17/12 Tokyo
18/12-23/12 Home
23/12-26/12 Chicago
26/12-28/12 Home
28/12-31/12 New York
31/12-02/01 Home

November 2006

28/10-30/10 Chicago
30/10-03/11 Home
04/11-06/11 Toronto
07/11-11/11 Home
12/11-14/11 Chicago
15/11-16/11 Home
17/11-20/11 Nagoya
21/11-24/11 Home
25/11-27/11 Delhi
28/11-01/12 Home

Oktober 2006

21/09-03/10 Home
04/10-08/10 Positive Psychology Summit Washington
09/10-20/10 Home
21/10-23/10 Tokyo
24/10-30/10 Home
31/10-02/11 New York

September 2006

30/08-01/09 Delhi
01/09-02/09 Home
03/09-05/09 Chicago
06/09-10/09 Home
10/09-13/09 New York
14/09-16/09 Home
17/09-20/09 Nagoya
21/09-... Home: begin academisch jaar

Augustus 2006

30/07-02/08 Osaka
03/08-06/08 Home
07/08-09/08 Bombay
10/08-11/08 Home
12/08-14/08 Dubai (with shuttle flight to Abu Dhabi)
15/08-19/08 Home
20/08-22/08 Tokyo
23/08-29/08 Home
30/08-01/09 Chicago

Juli 2006

01/07 Standby
02/07-06/07 Cairo, with shuttle to Sanaa (Yemen) on the 3rd.
06/07-08/07 Home
09/07-12/07 Los Angeles
13/07-19/07 Home
20/07-21/07 Frankfurt: Emergency training B747 + course
22/07-25/07 Nagoya
26/07-29/07 Home
30/07-02/08 Osaka

Juni 2006

31/05-02/06 Chennai
02/06-04/06 Home
05/06-07/06 Deli
07/06-10/06 Home
11/06-13/06 New York
13/06-16/06 Home
17/06-19/06 Newark
19/06-23/06 Home (exam Functieleer 22/06)
24/06-26/06 Tokyo
26/06-30/06 Home (exam Beroepsethiek 30/06)

Mei 2006

02/05-05/05 Frankfurt: Training Airbus 330-340
06/05 Frankfurt
07/05-09/05 New York
10/05 Frankfurt
11/05-12/05 Frankfurt: Seminar Flight Attendants & Flow
13/05-15/05 Denver
16/05-19/05 Home
20/05-22/05 Tokyo
23/05-28/05 Home
29/05-30/05 Frankfurt: Medical
31/05-02/06 Chennai

April 2006

01/04-04/04 Frankfurt-Chennai
05/04-07/04 Home
07/04-08/04 Frankfurt: First Aid training
08/04-12/04 Home
13/04-15/04 Bombay
16/04-20/04 Home
21/04-23/04 Denver
24/04-26/04 Home
26/04-29/04 Frankfurt-Chicago
29/04-30/04 Home

Maart 2006

01/03-02/03 Home
03/03-06/03 Mexico
07/03-11/03 Home
11/03-12/03 Tunis night flight
12/03-14/03 Home
14/03-18/03 Johannesburg
19/03-22/03 Home
22/03-26/03 Frankfurt-Bilbao-Katowice-Basel
26/03-29/03 Home
29/03-31/03 Frankfurt (Musikmesse)-Frankfurt day tour

Februari 2006

01/02-04/02 Home
05/02-07/02 Stuttgart-Stuttgart
07/02-09/02 Home
09/02-12/02 Miami
12/02-21/02 Home
22/02-25/02 Mexico
26/02-01/03 Home

Januari 2006

30/12-04/01 Home
04/01-07/01 Boston
07/01-10/01 Home
10/01-15/01 Sao Paulo (with shuttle to Buenos Aires on 13th)
15/01-01/02 Home for Exams:
21/01 Psychodiagnostiek
27/01 Differentiële psychologie
01/02 Ontwikkelingspsychologie


December 2005

27/11-08/12 Home
09/12-10/12 night flight (no stay) Algiers
10/12-13/12 Home
13/12-18/12 Frankfurt - Nice - Friedrichshafen - Bologna - Brussel
18/12-22/12 Home
23/12-29/12 Sao Paulo (with shuttle to Buenos Aires on 27/12)
30/12-02/01 Home

November 2005

30/10-03/11 Home
04-07/11 Mexico
08-11/11 Home

12-13/11 Standby
13-15/11 Helsinki (14th = free day in Helsinki)
16/11 Frankfurt
17/11 Standby
19-21/11 Lyon-Budapest
22-23/11 Home (?)
23-26/11 Frankfurt-Miami
27/11-08/12 Home

Oktober 2005

27/09-27/10 Home: start academisch jaar
28-30/10 Bombay

September 2005

29/08-01/09 Home (31th: exam Scientific Methods)
02-04/09 Shanghai
05-08/09 Home
09-13/09 Stuttgart-Paris-Katowice-Bologna
13-16/09 Home
16-20/09 Frankfurt-Cologne-Munich-Paris
20-23/09 Home
23-27/09 Frankfurt-Frankfurt-Miami
27/09- Home

Augustus 2005

28/07-02/08 Sao Paolo (with shuttle to Buenos Aires)
02-07/08 Home
08-12/08 Riga-Paris-Lyon-Geneva
12-16/08 Home
17-21/08 Leipzig-Leipzig-Hannover-Dresden
22-25/08 Home (Exam Psychopathology 22/08)
26-28/08 Tokyo
28/08-01/09 Home

Juli 2005

30/06-03/07 Mexico
03-09/07 Home
10-13/07 Bremen-Bucharest-Katowice
13-15/07 Home
15-19/07 Frankfurt-Marseille-Riga-Brussels
19-24/07 Home
24-26/07 Day tour Frankfurt + test Boeing747
26-28/07 Home
28/07-02/08 Sao Paolo (with shuttle to Buenos Aires)

positive psychology applications in treatment and prevention

Knowledge Day for mental health professionals about the applications of positive psychology in treatment and prevention.

Amsterdam, January 15th.

Organizer: Trimbos Instituut (c/o Marja van der Meulen).

Program (in Dutch):


Dagvoorzitter Dr. Armand Höppener, Adviseur GGz van de IGZ
(daarvoor bestuursvoorzitter Altrecht)
Opening en welkom Mentaal Vermogen, een verkenning van de positieve psychologie Dr. Jan Walburg, Trimbos-instituut

09.50 Mentaal vermogen, gezondheid en geluk
Prof. dr. Ruut Veenhoven, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
10.10 De jacht op het geluk. Hoe staat het welbevinden er voor in Nederland?
Prof. dr. Paul Schnabel, Sociaal Cultureel Planbureau
10.30 Positieve psychologie in behandeling
Inleiding tot intermezzo: Drs. Linda Bolier, Trimbos-instituut
Intermezzo: Lauren Smith M.A. (USA), Verbeek Bedrijfstaichi
10.50 Forumdiscussie over de toepassing van positieve psychologie in de GGZ, het onderwijs, het bedrijfsleven en de overheid
Discussieleider: Henk J. Smid, directeur ZonMw.
Discussianten: Drs. Diana Monissen, directeur generaal van het Ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport, Drs. Jos de Beer, GGZ Nederland, Prof. dr. Wilmar Schaufeli, hoogleraar Arbeids- en Organisatiepsychologie, Universiteit Utrecht,
Jacqueline Boerefijn, docent biologie Groen van Prinstererlyceum Vlaardingen en ontwikkelaar ‘Lessen in geluk’ en Drs. Hubert van der Kleij, Vereniging voor Gedragstherapie en Cognitieve Therapie.
12.15 Lunch & Marktplein
Op deze markt kunt u vakliteratuur, presentaties en beschouwingen over mentale gezondheid vinden, maar het thema ook persoonlijk ondergaan door kennis te maken met aanbod van verschillende interventies gericht op het mentaal vermogen.

In de 12 deelsessies leiden experts het thema in, waarna uitwisseling met de toehoorders plaatsvindt over de toepassingsmogelijkheden van de kennis. U kunt kiezen uit:

1. De positieve school. Inleiders: Drs. Huub Braam, onderzoeker Verwey-Jonker Instituut en Jacqueline Boerefijn, docent biologie Groen van Prinstererlyceum Vlaardingen en ontwikkelaar ‘Lessen in geluk’.

2. Vitaal personeel. Inleider: Prof. dr. Wilmar Schaufeli, hoogleraar Arbeids- en Organisatiepsychologie, Universiteit Utrecht.

3. Is welbevinden voor de geest wat conditie is voor het lichaam? inleiders: Tom Vermeulen, coördinator Lokaal GezondheidsOverleg Antwerpen Noord en Kim Schutters, projectmedewerker Vlaams Instituut voor Gezondheidspromotie.

4. Mentale veerkracht bij lichamelijke ziektes.Inleider: Dr.Ivan Nyklicek, Department Medische Psychologie en Gezondheids-psychologie aan de Universiteit van Tilburg.

5. ‘Helemaal zo gek nog niet..’: Welbevinden bij de behandeling van psychische stoornissen.Inleider: Dr. Marc Cleiren, universitair docent sectie Klinische- en Gezondheids- en Persoonlijkheidspsychologie, Rijksuniversiteit Leiden.

6. Positieve psychologie in de justitiële setting. Inleiders: Ellen van den Broek, hoofd behandeling Van der Hoevenkliniek en Marc Groenendijk, manager Stichting Exodus.

7. De gelukkigste kinderen van de wereld. Inleider: Drs. Geraldien Blokland, senior adviseur Nederlands Jeugd Instituut (NJI)

8. Mentaal vitaal ouder worden. Inleider: Dr. Nardi Steverink, senior onderzoeker Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen en universitair docent aan de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.

9. Zelf aan de slag. Inleider: Drs. Ad Bergsma, psycholoog Erasmus Universiteit, auteur en wetenschapsjournalist (o.a. de Volkskrant).

10. Positieve psychologie in de chronische psychiatrie.
Inleider: Dr. ir. Rick Kwekkeboom, lector/onderzoeker/adviseur op het terrein van de vermaatschappelijking, verbonden aan het Sociaal en Cultureel Planbureau en de Avans Hogeschool.

11. Een gezonde wijk. Inleiders: Niko Paap, wijk- en programmamanager gemeente Amersfoort en Drs. Daan Vosskuhler, projectleider Stichting Bottom-up Onderzoek en Advies en onderzoeker Jeugd en bewonersparticipatie.

12. Voluit leven. Inleider: Dr. Ernst Bohlmeijer, psycholoog (o.a. Universiteit Twente) en Dr. Gerben Westerhof, psychogerontoloog (Universiteit Twente).



15.30 Plenaire sessie: waar of bij wie ligt de verantwoordelijkheid voor het bevorderen van mentale gezondheid?
De sessie wordt ingeleid door:
Dr. Rifka Weehuizen, econome aan de Universiteit Maastricht.
Mw. Weehuizen schreef recent het proefschrift ‘Mentaal kapitaal’, over het belang van zorgvuldige aandacht voor de psychische gezondheid van mensen.
Prof. dr. Trudy Dehue, hoogleraar wetenschapstheorie en wetenschapsgeschiedenis aan de Universiteit Groningen.
Mw. Dehue schreef een boek over de medicalisering van welbevinden en psychische gezondheid.
16.30 Bespiegeling & Reflectie
16.45 Afsluiting
17.00 Meet & Greet