Happiness for world leaders...

The World Book of Happiness (with my article on p. 330-331). The New Years' gift by European President Van Rompuy to 200 world leaders including Merkel, Sarkozy, Cameron, Hu Jintao and Obama.

Interview with Hein Zegers about Happiness

Interview in newspaper "De Bond" of Jan 6th, 2012, with a readership of 662.500 (CIM 09 - 10). Hoping that this caused at least a few of them to get a small boost in their level of well-being...

October-December 2011

08.09 Give Happiness Course (Linden)
10.09 Present ceremony on happiness (St. Joris Weert)
03-04.10 Multi-day Course on Happiness (Rillaar)
07-08.10 Word Echt Rijk-campaign brainstorm (Geetbets)
10-13.10 Multi-day Course on Happiness (Rillaar)
15.10 The Power of Happiness event (Leuven)
26-30.10 Nagoya (Japan)
07.11 PhD Consultation (Utrecht, Netherlands)
08-09.11 Multi-day Course on Happiness (Miskom & Wilsele)
13.11 Presentation on Happiness for self-help organization Ups & Downs (Leuven)
15.11 Book presentation "Gelukkig Werken" (Oegstgeest, Netherlands)
21.11 Give Positive Psychology course (KHLeuven)
23.11 Happiness course (Leuven)
23.11 Happiness course (Holsbeek)
24.11 Workshop Positive Psychology in practice (KHLim Hogeschool)
04-07.12 Abuja (Nigeria)
10-13.12 New York (U.S.)
15-19.12 Geneva-Paris-London-Frankfurt
22-28.12 Atlanta (U.S.)