Happier with Random Acts of Kindness

A very simple intervention that is good for your happiness. And the happiness of others. Scientifically proven. Random Acts of Kindness.

Happier with Movement

Another Happiness Intervention, with a strong effect. A simple way to become happier. Scientifically proven.

Happier with a Gratitude Letter

Another Happiness Intervention backed up by scientific research. A simple way to become happier: the Gratitude Letter.

Happier with a Gratitude Diary

One of the best-researched happiness boosters: the gratitude diary. Simple yet effective. Explained in this video.

Measuring Happiness

Can we measure happiness? Yes, to a certain extent, with several fascinating methods. Explained in this video.

Happiness Experiments

Does an action make people happier? Just do the test! Scientific experimenting with happiness. Explained in this video.

Richer but not happier?

Countries are getting richer and richer, but not always happier and happier. The Easterlin Paradox. Explained in this video.

Fear of Failure - Tips

Three Top Tips against Fear of Failure. Based on Science (Self-Determination Theory: 1. Autonomy 2. Relatedness 3.Competence). By Hein Stein, who takes Science very seriously, but doesn't take himself very seriously.